MacDermid Autotype Inc. brings increased productivity options to flexo printers with the Quadra RE-640 64” digital prepress system. This turnkey system enables maximum ‘uptime’ and fast throughput of screened images up to 120 lpi at speeds up to 60 square feet per hour. Plate masks can be output at up to 85 square feet per hour. Quadra film output systems are the economical way for flexo printers to digitally produce phototools for plate production with an attractive ROI.

Features & Benefits

  • 64” wide printer will output tiled or multiple-up images across the film width. Film widths range from 16.5” to 65.75” with a live width of 63.6” (1615mm).
  • Fast throughput of jobs ranging from 35 line to 120 line halftones; excellent for spot color and line work.
  • Output speeds of up to 85 ft2 /hr. are possible with Wasatch Quadra SoftRip, laser-quality precision rosette screening, Quadra film, and Quadra-K ink.
  • Quadra instant-dry film and Quadra-K high density black ink are perfectly paired to produce the dense images and clear backgrounds necessary for optimum phototool imaging, better exposure latitude and improved plate images over other inkjet solutions.
  • Quadra film has a micro-matte finish for better vacuum drawdown and cover sheet release during exposure of sheet or liquid plates.
  • Wasatch Quadra RIP with One Bit Tiff pass through for fast output of Esko and other pre-ripped files.
  • Wasatch Quadra LFE version includes perimeter masking function for maximum liquid reclaim.
  • Optional 5 liter Quadra-K bulk ink system for practical production of large format negatives.


  • Flexography printing

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