Autotype® Specialty Stencil Films

Highest quality.
Reproducible images.

Autotype® Specialty
Stencil Films

Autotype® Specialty Stencil Films are designed to ensure you produce the highest quality, reproducible images, especially in critical applications such as medical devices, electronics, credit & gift cards.

Autotype® PLUS Screen Printing Emulsions

High quality.

Autotype® PLUS
Screen Printing Emulsions

Autotype® brand emulsions are industry leading emulsions developed to help printers efficiently create high quality images in a cost-efficient manner.

CPS Screen Printing Solvents & Chemicals

Prep. Process. Post.

CPS Screen Printing Solvents & Chemicals

We offer a wide range of prep, process and post production products to help in the process. When paired with our Film or Emulsion technology, you can ensure the highest quality results.

Pre Press Equipment & Supplies


Pre Press
Equipment & Supplies

MacDermidConnect offers the industry leading brands Quadra® and Aspect® printers and other supplies to companies looking for options for their Pre Press processes.


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