Capillex 30 is a red dual cure presensitiesd photopolymer based capillary film for use on medium mesh counts (77-100/cm). Especially suited for the use on 90/cm mesh. The superior handling and short exposure time make the Capilex 30 suitable on all screen sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast exposure speed is perfect for use on large screens or with lower powered light sources
  • Can be used with all solvent and UV inks
  • Mesh range: 77 to 100/cm (195 to 250/inch)
  • Very easy to use under a wide range of processing conditions
  • Short exposure times and quick to develop
  • Easy to decoat


  • Textile printing with plastisol inks
  • POP graphics and displays
  • Printed circuit board components
  • Decals: ceramic and pressure sensitive
  • Nameplates, fascia panels, membrane switch overlays
  • Industrial applications, including automotive
  • Plastic sheet goods and vinyl binders

Exposure Time (minutes)

Lamp Distance 0 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300
2kw metal halide 120 cm                      
3kw metal halide 120 cm                      
5kw metal halide 120 cm                      

NOTE: These exposure times are given as a rough guide only. Always conduct an exposure test to determine optimum exposure.

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